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6 Unique Things To Add To Your Fall Bucket List

We are ready to ring in the new season and even though the weather may still say “summer” our hearts say “fall”! As the evenings get colder and the leaves change color, it’s time to create your yearly Fall Bucket List. Below are 6 unique things to add to your list this season.

1: Go On Lots Of Drives

Go on fall drives.

This is not your average “go on a drive and look at the leaves”, we recommend going on lots of drives, one every week if you can. Start now and go into November. By doing weekly drives you can actually watch the leaves change and experience all the phases of their beautiful (and colorful) transformations. To make your drive even better, crack the windows, bring some blankets, and enjoy a warm serving of hot chocolate.

2: Visit a Pumpkin Patch

We know, we know, we promised you unique, but hear us out! You go to a pumpkin patch and search for the smallest, biggest, and weirdest looking pumpkins you can find. Maybe you turn it into a scavenger hunt for the kids and have a contest, maybe you take pictures, or maybe you bring them home and place them on your front porch.

Regardless on what you decide to do, this is a perfect activity for fall that adds a little extra spice to your yearly (and sometimes boring) pumpkin patch visit.

3: Attend a Local Fall Festival

This one is probably our favorite things on our list. Attending local fall festivals is a perfect way to welcome the new season and support your town. Not only are there activities for the entire family, but you’ll experience new desserts and treats, walk in the nice and cool weather, and support small business vendors! It’s a win, win, win in our books.

4: Create a Fall Music Playlist

Make a fall playlist.

Create a fall music playlist to listen to all season long. Might seem a little silly, but you’ll thank us later. Take this playlist on your fall drives and feel the autumn vibes. Throw some oldies, goodies, and new songs together to create the ultimate playlist that you can add to every year.

Next year when fall rolls around again and you bring out that playlist, you’ll be flooded with memories of this year for you to look back on.

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5: Make a Gratitude List

We believe that fall brings a sense of newness. New school years, new surroundings, and new friends. With all these new things, sometimes we need to pause and make a gratitude list. Write down the things that you hold close to your heart, the moments that make you happy, and everything that you are thankful for.

When we get a little stumped on what to write, we take a look at the following categories and write what we are thankful for within those areas of our lives:


Maybe on one of your fall drives you noticed how much the fresh air improved your mood, or how beautiful the bright red leaves are. Nature gives us lots to be thankful for.

Knowledge or Education

What is something new you have learned that you are grateful for? It could be a new skill, a fun fact, or a class that has really made a difference in your life.

Pop Culture

What in the massive world of “pop culture” are you thankful for? Maybe a new song came out that speaks to you, or a new podcast that makes the workday bearable. Whatever it is, give it gratitude and write it down.


Who in your life are you grateful for? Be specific and consider writing them a note expressing that you appreciate them.

6: Go Thrift Shopping

Find a fall sweater by thrift shopping.

Get that weathered and worn-in look by finding items that have already been loved by another person. Maybe you are on the hunt for some “new” décor or a cozy sweater for your evenings by the fire. The fun is in the search, and you’re doing good by re-using clothing. 

Bonus Fall Bucket List Item: Serve.

We find that these next few months can be full of opportunities to serve if you are looking for them. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and charities are always looking for volunteers during their busy seasons. Involve your family and search for ways that you can serve locally.

Remember that service doesn’t have to be some grand venture, it can be a simple task of reaching out to your neighbor. Every act of service has great impact and can help spread the “spirit” of fall.

Your Fall Bucket List

When you are creating your list, make sure you do things that resonate with you. What will bring meaning into these next couple months for you and your family? Maybe your list is long, maybe it’s short, or perhaps you prefer to bypass the list and enjoy the season without any to-dos. Whatever your fall may look like, we hope this season is full of magic for you and your home.

Photo credit: Saliha (girl holding leaf), Craig Adderley (road), Vlad Bagacian (headphones), Taryn Elliot (sweaters)
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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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