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Are Air Diffusers the Same As Essential Oils?

Looking for a way to freshen up your home and enjoy some of the benefits of essential oils? Discover how an air diffuser and essential oils work to see what you can do to create a pleasing aroma throughout your living space. Don’t settle for a dull or unpleasant scent, but embrace a fresh way to shake up your home.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils for air diffuser

These oils are used in aromatherapy and in homes throughout the world as a way to keep a place smelling fresh, inviting, and calming. The type of oil you choose varies the scent in your home. Some essential oils are believed to have properties that are beneficial to your health, though these aren’t always backed by science.

Essential oils are a popular option for use in air diffusers (what does a diffuser do), but they have a limited range of aromas. These oils are also typically more expensive than fragrance oils, making them a costly option for daily use. If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient option for whole home aromas, you may prefer fragrance oils in an air diffuser.

Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

5 reasons your home smells and how to fix them.

What Is an Air Diffuser?

An air diffuser can use essential oils to create a fragrant aroma throughout your home. However, your diffuser can also use fragrance oils. Some fragrance oils are made out of natural ingredients, while others are made with synthetic alternatives. Essential oils are intended to be used in a therapeutic setting, while fragrance oils are simply intended to keep your home smelling fresh.

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home with a whole house fragrance air diffuser. These unique systems use an atomizer to create a fine mist out of fragrance oils. Next, the atomized oil is delivered into your air ducts. Your furnace or air conditioner sends the enticing aroma throughout your house.

Compared to essential oils, fragrance oils are far more affordable and effective at creating the ideal scent you desire. Unique ingredients can be combined in a stunning variety of pleasing scents, so you can create the ideal home atmosphere for any season or mood.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Whole House Air Diffuser?

Many air diffusers are only powerful enough to atomize oils in a single room. When you choose a Whole Home Scenting air diffuser, you can easily spread your chosen fragrance oil throughout your entire home.

A modern whole home diffuser uses your home’s WiFi network to connect with your smartphone. This allows you to remotely control the amount of fragrance oil being atomized. Compared to a room diffuser, a whole home option is far more convenient to manage, change the fragrance bottle (changing every so often can help fight nose blindness), and create a unified, complete home fragrance.

Where Can I Order a Diffuser?

Order a new air diffuser and your desired fragrance oils online at Whole Home Scenting. Get started today to see how you can achieve your desired home fragrance. From a fresh apple crate to a secluded beach cove, your home diffuser gives you the freedom to create the ideal aroma for your mood and personality.

Photo credit: Pixabay (reed diffuser sticks and candle), Eric Anada (light bulb), Karolina Grabowska (Jess Bailey Designs)
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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.