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5 Things To Look For In a Scent Marketing Machine for Your Business

The right scent marketing machine enables business owners or marketing professionals to introduce one or more representative scents to a location. Many businesses benefit from scent marketing by diffusing an existing fragrance with fragrance notes that fit with the culture, environment and values of the company. Here are five features that set the best scent diffusers for commercial or home use apart from other workplace scenting systems.

1. A Scent Marketing Machine for Your Entire Business

Start scenting your business.

The most cost-effective approach to scent marketing involves using a single diffuser unit to scent an entire business. If you have access and authority to modify a commercial HVAC system, you can connect a Whole Home Scenting fragrance diffuser to the outflow ducting to spread a scent through an entire structure.

A centralized scent marketing machine is easy to operate and maintain. You can set the strength and fragrance release schedule using the buttons on the diffuser unit or in the Arome Home application. You will need to replace depleted fragrance oil bottles to maintain consistent levels of scent. Each 250 milliliter bottle should be able to scent your entire business for up to two months based on the settings.

If you use a single diffuser, you need to select a scent to represent your business. While you might switch the scents you use based on the seasons or holidays, the most effective approach to scent branding involves the consistent use of a single scent year in and year out.

2. A Diffuser System That Works In Standalone Mode

Some businesses prefer to use more than one scent marketing machine. While one Whole Home Scenting diffuser connected to central air can spread a scent throughout an entire commercial structure, you can use different scents in different areas of a business when you run more than one diffuser unit in standalone mode.

Whole Home Scenting diffusers can also be used as independent units. Each diffuser can scent an area or department of a business. Just as scents can be an effective way to brand a business, assigning specific scents to places can enhance the perception of the purpose of each department.

Businesses that have multiple departments or sell different types of products can use multiple scents to differentiate these areas. It is also possible to disperse distinct scents in employee and customer-facing areas.

3. A Cost-Effective Scent Marketing Method

While any scent marketing machine involves an up-front investment, a Whole Home Scenting fragrance oil diffuser can lower your scent marketing budget over time. Each 250-milliliter bottle of fragrance oil lasts one to two months on average customer settings, making this system more efficient than many other methods of scent marketing.

Large corporations that use scent marketing often develop proprietary signature scents. However, the research and development involved in this process can take months and cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A more affordable way to try scent marketing at your business is to use a Whole Home Scenting diffuser. The smart diffuser unit enables a small business owner or decision-maker in charge of scent marketing to set the strength of a fragrance and determine the frequency with which scent gets released. With many scent options available, it’s simply a matter of picking the right one for the business, and the settings of this system determines the frequency with which you need to replace the fragrance bottles.

4. A Scent Marketing Machine With High-Quality Fragrances

Switching your aromatherapy scents.

You can count on the consistent quality of fragrance oils formulated for the Whole Home Scenting diffuser system. Choose from a library of nearly 20 different scents, any of which could be the right choice for your business.

A scent marketing machine that can support a wide variety of fragrances is a wise investment. If you decide that the initial scent you choose does not represent your business the way you would like, you can switch to a different fragrance. This system also makes it easy to rotate scents on a seasonal basis.

In general, scent marketing experts recommend that a business owner or marketer select a signature scent to represent a business. As long as you do not select a seasonal offering, you should be able to keep using the same Whole Home Scenting fragrance oil throughout the year.

5. A Smart Diffuser for Scent Marketing

Many commercial diffusers have smart features, but these units tend to be more costly than the Whole Home Scenting diffuser system and fragrance oils. Business owners can maximize return on investment by using a diffuser unit rated for home and commercial use.

As you disperse scent into your business over time, you can determine the rate at which you replace fragrance oils. Beyond the purchase price for a diffuser unit, replacement bottles of fragrance oil are the only ongoing expenses involved in using a Whole Home Scenting diffuser for scent marketing.

The Best Scent Marketing Machine

The Whole Home Scenting diffuser system is the most cost-effective and efficient fragrance system for workplace or home use. Once you select one or more scents for your business, you can use this diffuser to maintain consistent levels of your chosen scents.

It is easy to dial in the strength of the scent released through a diffuser connected to a commercial HVAC system or running as a standalone unit. Access the settings through the buttons on the diffuser unit or by downloading and setting up the smartphone app.

Investing in the right scent marketing machine makes it easy to control the scents that are associated with a business. Using a Whole Home Scenting diffuser and fragrance oils is an affordable and effective way to scent a workplace and experience the power of fragrance for marketing. Select one or more fragrances to use as ambient, thematic, or signature scents to promote your business.

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