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9 Ways To Get Rid of Pet Odor in Your House

Pets bring many wonderful things to your home. The companionship, fun and love that comes with pet ownership are well worth the challenges. Unfortunately, how to get rid of pet odor in house is one of the obstacles faced by many pet owners. These nine ways of eliminating pet odors from your home can help you keep your home smelling fresh, without giving up your furry friend.

1. How To Get Rid of Pet Odor in House by Washing and Drying Your Pet’s Stuff

Your pet’s bed, blankets, collars, food bowls, toys, leashes and toys can all be sources of pet odors. Additionally, odors may be left behind on your furniture and bedding if your pet tends to hang out there. Regularly washing anything your pet comes into contact with daily can greatly reduce the amount of lingering odors in your home. As a bonus, regular washing will also help prevent infestations from fleas and other pests that might be hiding in your pet’s fur and cut down on dander that could cause allergic reactions.

2. Vacuum Frequently

Vacuum your home often to remove pet odor.

Because most pets shed at least a little, dealing with shedding is an important part of how to get rid of pet odor in house. The floor is the most obvious place to clean up hair, but pet hair can also accumulate on, under and behind your furniture, in the cracks and crevices of your home, and even on your curtains. Regular vacuuming can help cut down on the amount of pet hair and dander in your home. Additionally, it can be helpful to groom your pet regularly to cut down on shedding. Don’t forget to tackle areas such as closets, hallways and stairs.

3. Give Your Pet a Bath

Some pets, such as cats, don’t need regular bathing because they groom themselves. Others, such as dogs, tend to accumulate odors when not bathed. According to groomers, how often you should bathe your dogs depends on their breed, coat, lifestyle and other factors. Usually, longer-haired dogs will require more frequent baths. However, other factors can come into play, so you may want to consult with your groomer or veterinarian to determine an ideal bathing schedule.

4. Use Odor Fighting Cleaners

Another important aspect of how to get rid of pet odor in house is cleaning your home with a product that is good at neutralizing odors. Choose a cleaner that is non-toxic for your pets. Baking soda is a popular natural choice. You can sprinkle some baking soda on your pet’s bed or any furniture your pet lays on before vacuuming to neutralize odors.
Enzymatic cleaners, such as Nature’s Miracle, are particularly useful for neutralizing odors from urine or feces. If you have an older pet or a pet that is not yet housebroken, an enzymatic cleaner is good to have on hand. For a homemade solution, you can try combining citrus and hydrogen peroxide.

5. Install a HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are mechanical air-purifying filters that pass air through a fine mesh to trap particles in the air, such as pet dander. You can install a HEPA filter on your HVAC system, utilize an air purifier with a HEPA filter or add one to some vacuum cleaner models. However, because of the high level of filtration, these filters tend to become clogged and need changing more frequently than other filters, particularly in households with pets.

6. Use a Wet Vac

Wet vacs can be a very useful tool when learning how to get rid of pet odor in house. Removing dried urine or feces from carpets is one example. Use the wet vac to saturate the area with water and then extract the water from the carpet. Once you are done extracting, apply an odor neutralizer. It is important to remove the odor completely, because if your pets can still smell it, they may tend to urinate in that area again.

For urine that is still wet, before you use the wet vac, place paper towels over the spot and then cover them with a clean towel. If the urine is on a rug, place a towel under the wet spot on the rug as well. Use a rag to press the spot and absorb as much urine as possible. If the towels become saturated, replace them with dry towels and repeat the process. Once you have absorbed as much liquid as possible, rinse the area with cool water and then use the wet vac to extract it. After the spot dries, vacuum it and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Leave the baking soda for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum again.

7. Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaner

Hire a professional cleaner to remove pet odor.

If you are struggling with how to get rid of pet odor in house, consider hiring professional cleaners. They may have access to tools and cleaning methods that are more effective at removing tough odors, such as cat urine, than what you have at home.

8. Minimize Litterbox Odors

The best thing you can do is to clean the box immediately after use, but this may not always be possible. Sprinkling baking soda over the litter can help neutralize odors. Empty the box once per month and clean it with an enzymatic odor eliminator. Avoid using bleach. Cats are sensitive to the smell and may not use the box.

9. How To Get Rid of Pet Odor in House by Using Air Fresheners Between Cleanings

Air fresheners, such as our Whole Home scent diffuser, can help keep your home smelling fresh between cleanings. Our HVAC diffuser distributes scent through every part of your home. Air fresheners won’t replace regular cleaning, but they can help mask day-to-day odors such as wet dog, litter box smell and other pet smells that it may not be practical to remove with cleaning methods every day.

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to get rid of pet odor in house. Call us at (855) 723-6863 or contact us online to find out more about how the Whole Home Scenting team can help you.

Photo credit: CottonBro (woman vacuuming), Andrea Piacquadio (woman smiling with cleaners)
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