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The Best Home Scents for Any Time of Year

While some scents are associated with a specific season, such as pumpkin in the fall, there are a variety of smells that are pleasant to breathe in and offer health benefits that make them perfect for any time of year. As you look to stock your essential oil collection with the must-have ingredients, don’t forget to add these five home scents.

Tea Tree

If you’re looking for a natural disinfectant, tea tree oil can remove several different types of viruses and bacteria. It also acts as an insect repellent and odor neutralizer. Tea tree oil emits a strong fragrance, which some compare to turpentine. However, the benefits are countless. While often diffused, tea tree oil is also often used in soaps, deodorizers, or cleaning products. It should never be ingested and can be harmful to pets. Pregnant mothers and young children can also experience potential side effects, so it is a good idea to speak with a doctor before using heavy amounts of this oil.


If looking for a scent to unwind to, lavender can do just that. This familiar scent is often associated with sleep and is used in baths, beauty products, and cleaning solutions. It is a very popular year-round diffuser scent as well. In addition, it can help reduce pain, relieve asthma symptoms, alleviate menopause side effects, and minimize headaches. The more you use lavender as part of your nighttime routine, the more likely your brain is to register it with sleep, increasing its effectiveness.


Eucalyptus for home scents.

If dealing with a cold or allergies, eucalyptus can help clear the sinuses and minimize symptoms. When diffused, eucalyptus oil can help clear up mucus in the throat and help with a cough. It also can help with cold sores and keep insects away. This home scent has a pleasant smell, similar to mint. Many people use eucalyptus candles, lotions, and soaps to get even more whiffs of this aroma.


Bergamot is a type of citrus that is the size of an orange but with a green color. Its citrusy smell makes it pleasant to use any time of year and is sometimes used in perfumes. In addition, it can be used for combatting bacteria responsible for food poisoning, reducing inflammation, and reducing cholesterol. This scent can also help relieve stress and improve one’s mood. Many people diffuse this smell to relax before bed or to bring peace to a potentially stressful situation.


Peppermint for home scents.

Peppermint is often ingested in the form of mints, capsules, or a food additive as it is known for its ability to help treat certain digestive issues, such as IBS, and relieve nausea. It also can minimize headaches and reduce itching or muscle pain when used topically. When diffused, peppermint offers many of these same benefits. It is also is a very invigorating scent that can serve as a natural energy boost and clear congestion.

Filling your home with these scents can bring an extra sense of calm to your life, or even energy when appropriate. The health benefits are notable, and many people enjoy the aromas they bring. Experience these home scents no matter which room you travel to in your house with a Whole Home Scenting diffuser.

Photo credit: Vie Studio (eucalyptus), Pixabay (peppermint leaves)
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