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Features to Consider When Finding the Best Home Diffuser

When you consider purchasing a diffuser, you may get overwhelmed by the number of retailers and options available. You may try to narrow your choice down by price, or else look at color or style. Regardless of what you are shopping for, there are some key features that the best home diffuser will have, as seen in Whole Home Scenting products.

Key Qualities of the Best Home Diffuser

Narrow your search to include these important elements:

1. Color

Best home diffuser color.

Color is definitely an important consideration for people looking to buy a diffuser. There are several styles for those who have more traditional household decor or are looking for something modern and sleek. However, a good style for a diffuser is one that is classic and not easily seen. This leaves your home with a scent that is more magical than forced. You don’t have to broadcast what you are doing to clean your air.

2. Size

How you plan to use your diffuser is a big part of choosing which size is right for you. Though small single-room units may be good when trying to relax or improve the air quality close to you, why stop with just your own personal enjoyment and benefit? The best home diffuser should have an impact on everyone in the home. You don’t get this kind of coverage with a small portable device. Whole Home Scenting carries a design that enables everyone in your house to enjoy a consistent delivery of incredible scents.

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In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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3. Flexibility

Speaking of scents, your diffuser needs to be able to provide you a range of fragrance options. Essential oils have gained a lot of traction in the last few years for diffusing within the home, but there are downsides to releasing a collection of oils with the wrong type of diffuser. Oil and water don’t mix, and essential oils can create a sticky residue that clogs your diffuser. You should be able to easily change out scents without worrying about the impact the products have on your diffusing unit.

4. Safety

Diffusers release particles into the air. Some have a mixture of water with a fragrance, and depending on what product you select, you could be pumping chemicals into the air you breathe. Filling the air with a poor-quality scent can lead to allergies or respiratory concerns. Whole Home Scenting has taken great care to ensure that the fragrances used in its home diffusers are free from harmful phthalates and parabens. You can change out your scents without worrying about the impact on your family.

5. Efficiency

You want your diffuser to work and work well. Small, cheap diffusers don’t always deliver the results you need for a fresh-smelling home. Rather than worrying about when the smell will go away or when to replace a reservoir of fragrance, a whole home diffuser brings consistency and comprehensive coverage to your home.

Now that you know what you should be looking for, why not give Whole Home Scenting a try? The diffusers and fragrances deliver on each of these areas, bringing impressive results to your home and indoor air quality.

Photo credit: Magda Ehlers (colors)
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Don't Fragrance Your Home Until You've Eliminated These Five Common Odor Areas.

In 5 easy steps, we show you how to get your home ready for scenting, so you can be confident it smells the way you want.

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