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5 Reasons To Use an Air Scent Machine

Home fragrances are one of those things that often go unnoticed until the smell sours and your nose is accosted with unpleasantries. Terrible odors can make the home an unpleasant place to hang out or cause too much embarrassment for you to socialize. Smells can make it harder to relax or enjoy mealtimes. Rather than worry about what you will face when you walk in the door, consider purchasing an air scent machine.

Reasons To Ditch Your Old Fragrance Options

A majority of homeowners rely on scented candles or aerosol sprays to change their living room or bedroom’s odor. Though these can provide temporary relief with a more pleasant fragrance, consider the hazards or frustrations associated with common room scenting options.

  1. Fire hazards: Candles or tart/oil warmers can be a fire hazard. An open flame can’t be left unattended, nor should you leave an electric device plugged in and running with hot oil or wax while you are gone. This means you can only use these scent makers when you are home. You still have to come back to a terrible smell before making it better.
  2. Temporary solutions: Aerosol sprays or carpet dust are a quick fix for bad smells, but they are temporary. You have to go through each room to add the scent manually, and the scent improves for just a short time. This can be an expensive and inefficient solution.
  3. Air pollution: By trying dozens of different products in your home, you pollute the air with different chemicals and particles. Some of the lesser-known aerosols or candle brands may have low-quality fragrances or components, creating a potentially damaging or allergen-filled air quality in your home.

5 Reasons To Purchase an Air Scent Machine

Even though you are looking to change the air’s smell, comparing a home fragrance system to candles or aerosols isn’t comparing apples to apples. There really is no competition when looking at which option brings the most benefits to your home. Here you will find all the best reasons to switch from temporary fixes to a more reliable and convenient fragrance diffuser.

1. Reduced Cost

When you think of a lifetime of purchasing candles, tarts, oils, bulbs, aerosols, and more, you will be spending a serious amount of cash on a good smell. If your home is filled with pets or teenage boys, you can safely assume that you will be spending more than the average household. While a whole home fragrance system may seem like a big purchase, consider the one-time purchase’s lifespan and efficiency. Comparing the cost of one unit to multiple purchases for smaller, temporary options for years on end will give you a clearer idea of why a machine is a more affordable option.

2. Reduced Maintenance

You may not think of candles as requiring maintenance, but some work is required to keep them operating. Consider the matches or lighter or what to do when the wax gets too low to burn. You have to be careful about dripping or spilling wax. You have to hope that chemicals from your aerosol spray don’t stain your furniture. Many inconveniences take extra time or concern when you are simply trying to make do with a fragrance change.

When you use a whole home scent machine, you can have it installed in minutes and walk away for a month at a time. The fragrance additives for Whole Home Scenting diffusers generally last users at least 30 days. This means you can choose your scent and be worry-free for several weeks. A low maintenance option is always easier on your wallet and your mind.

3. Improved Coverage

Limiting your fragrance individual rooms only benefits those who are in the room at the time. Those in the living room can’t take advantage of the inviting aroma being distributed in the bedroom. With a large scent machine, you can make sure there is consistent but comprehensive delivery of your desired smell throughout the home. You don’t have to worry about guests wandering down the halls away from the wax warmer. Your house will be blanketed in a pleasing scent regardless of which room you choose to relax in.

4. Increased Flexibility

Many people think that proving something in bulk limits choices or possibilities. This isn’t the case with a total house scent diffuser. There are still the same options to change out the fragrance as desired. Whether you want to set a mood during a party or you prefer to encourage relaxation, there is an entire line of carefully crafted Whole Home Scenting fragrances that can be added to the air machine as wanted. Each scent has been made in the USA and is guaranteed to be paraben and phthalate-free.

5. Restored Peace of Mind

Air scent machine for home.

After a long day at work, coming home to a smelly house can be taxing on both the mind and the senses. Knowing the work that goes into removing a smell, you may dread spending time in your home. When you purchase an air scent machine that is capable of delivering high-quality, lasting fragrances throughout your home, you can restore peace of mind and the desire to spend time relaxing on the sofa.

One unique aspect of the Whole Home Scenting diffusers is the ability to take control of your home’s fragrance from a distance. The diffuser can be connected to an app on your smartphone or tablet. From there, you can customize several different aspects of the diffuser’s operations.

Where To Find an Air Scent Machine

While there are many good reasons for getting the odor problem in your house fixed, here are five of the best reasons you should choose a whole home diffuser to tackle the task. With a convenient starter set and easy installation instructions, you won’t have to wait very long before your home is changed with the delicious and inviting fragrances of the Whole Home Scenting collection. Order yours today!

Photo credit: Andrea Picquadio (woman relaxing on the couch)
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